American Pickers and Pawn Stars

Two new shows are very good for collectors discussion, American Pickers and Pawn Stars. Both shows are on the History Channel The shows are interesting and the people in the show are likeable people. The Pawn Stars is a pawn shop run by a family, the old man, son and grandson along with the grandson’s friend. They call him old man in the show. He is grumpy but in a funny way and likable and is very shrewd. The son, whom mostly runs the shop is the smart and really interested in the old merchandise that comes in to be sold or pawned. The grandson and his friend act kind of dopey but they are likable people and the viewer can’t but root for them to do well so not to look like fools toward their bosses. Catch the shows when you can, they are on often. Well worth you TV watching time.

American Pickers
Pawn Stars

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  1. Virginessays says:

    I know about pawn stars , it is reality Tv show. and also “American Picker” is a reality TV series. Both are history channels. Thank you for sharing discussion about this two TV series.

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